Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kochfm to broadcast in Australia

I was invited last night to a talk show at RTR fm an alternative radio station here in Perth. We talked about the work that is happening in Koch and the way things are chaning for the better. After the show, the host of the Morning Magazine session requested if they could broadcast some of the programs from KochFM! That was very amazing and am looking foward to a day when I will be walking or driving in the streets of Perth here in Australia and listening to familiar voices and familiar music. With this partenrship we will be able to connect with the Kenyan's in the diaspora.

Initially the thought of broadcasting through KochFM was to reach to the immediate population of Korogocho in Nairobi Kenya, but events are now proving that we need to share our stories far and wide, and the ingenuity is that we do not need to change the content. Ithink we are approaching a period of renaissance, we must take the leap.

Good to know that Audhild landed safe and sound in Koch and that she will give some hands on training to the KochFM crew..

All the best.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Audhild from RadiOracle is visiting KochFM

yesterday Audhild from radiOracle landed at JKA, she was met by "a whole bunch of people", according to an sms i got this morning. She is attending a conference, and at the same time she will spend 8 days at KochFM. She is planning to throw a radioshow-hands-on-workshop during her stay. I hope everything is fine in Koch, lookin forward to hearing from the workshop!