Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What If The President Dint Make The Nominations.
Consultation is mouthfuls word no wonder all our politicans, legal experts are falling over each other trying to clarify whether indeed the President and the Pm did consult. On their part the two principles seem to have a different understanding of the word consult. For the president consultation is the act of seeking advice before arriving at a solution, while the prime minster believes consultation is seeking advice and coming up with a joint solution. Let’s live it at that but make a point of looking up the word in the dictionary. At this point allow me to make a Hypothesis, what if the two principles did indeed consult, bounced a few names here and there and left the matter at that to pick it up later.Considering the president was leaving for the Au summit that same day that’ makes lots of sense.It has been said that the president wanted to make the nominations before presenting Kenya deferral case before the Au,and that’s why the nominations were made then,for all its worth I don’t think that could have influenced any decision,it’s a nomination with a long process to follow. Back to my hypothesis From this point some back office team picked up the consultation and came up with the final list. Looking at the kind of politicians that surround the president that may not seem like such a big deal. It does not take a political scientist to figure out that the two principles may both be right.Picture this the president is backing on a smooth implementation of the constitution to secure his legacy and making such a gaff doesn’t seem like something that he will do.On the other hand the prime minister is a man under seige with an excellent Pr team which am sure has warned him if the nomination row ends up in parliament the Pm may face an embarrassing defeat which may cause him some political mileage.. That leaves us to the conclusion someone else made the nominations and who ever it is or they: they are the same people who have Mr kalonzo running errands to save the ocampo 6,apparently to clear the way for some form of alliance that will lock the prime minister out os State house in 2012.Thats just me either am watching to much Csi or we are in big trouble. for now I will look up the word consultation and see what it really means.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011