Sunday, November 25, 2007

About KochFM

P.O.BOX 44427 00100
Account: (details will be provided at request)

LOCATION: Korogocho Community Centre (Kamunde Rd) Nairobi.


Project Director
Hellen Wanjiku

Assisant Director
Geoffrey Muriithi

Finance Manager
Martin Ndungu

Caroline Wanjiku

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +254721612736


Blub on Koch FM crew

Hellen Wanjiku
Holds a Diploma in Mass Communication, from Magenta Training Institute (Nairobi). She also holds a certificate in community media and photography. In addition the station manager is endowed with enormous skills in filming of documentaries, video editing, photography, script writing and directing. Further, she has exemplary skills including but not limited to community organizing, management and research skills. Noteworthy, the station manager was part of the team that undertook research on LASDAP in Korogocho that was undertaken jointly by Miss Koch Initiative and Institute of Policy Analysis & Research (IPAR). She has also represented KochFM in international forums.

Geoffery Muriithi
Holds a certificate in Community Organizing and he has worked in several organization focusing on addressing the plight of children, he brings to Koch FM his invaluable experience.

Caroline Wanjiru is a graduate of Magenta Training Institute and holds a Diploma in Mass Communication. She is well rounded with media and people skills.

Martin Ndungu
Is an aspiring accountant and Koch FM provides him with an opportunity to learn how to handle finances while he undertakes to study to become a proffessional accountant.

The management is supported by a team of creative and talented youth who bring life to the radio from the crack of dawn to….

The objectives of Koch FM include:
1. Establishing and enhancing a community-led information process within Korogocho and the environs.
2. Amplify the voices of people who are traditionally marginalized and neglected by the mainstream.
3. Help the citizens in the urban slums to have access to information before, during and post election.
4. Provide a plaform for the community to hear and air their views.

KochFM needs
• Training in radio management and other essential issues on radio.
• Training in editing and programme development.
• Training on leadership and management
• Develop publicity materials on elections citizens’ participation and other thematic issues.
• Hold public forums and civic awareness programmes
• Support for performing artists
• News programmes.
• Artisits providing their performance for broadcasting
• Station sponsors for specific programs

Koch FM has become a powerful tool for educating, entertaining and amplifying the voices of people who were traditionally quite marginalized and neglected. In this respect, the radio creates an opportunity for the citizens to participate more meaningfully in governance issues. No doubt, people's participation in governance will create a conducive environment for better management of the available resources.

Koch FM continues to see participation as an ongoing process beyond voting/elections.

Beyond governance issues KochFM creates an opportunity for the community to engage in dialogue and create deeper understanding of things happening in and out of Korogocho. Koch FM looks keenly at environmental, gender, social and other issues that are of concern to the community

The station also works closely with local performing artists by broadcasting their items and holding outdoor live perfomance.

Koch FM broadcasts at a radius of 2km on the frequency of 99.9. And has a target audience of about 500,000 people in Nairobi Kenya.

Koch FM stands to

Promote and safeguard the Freedom of people's choices for expressing their ideas and views.
Providing access to airplay for underground recording artistes.

Koch FM is the first ghetto radio in Kenya started in the year 2006 by a group of vibrant young men and women from Korogocho. It is situated at the Korogocho Community Centre in Nairobi, Kenya..

Koch FM will partner with other likeminded groups and organizations locally and internationally to continue advocating for the rights of people living in the informal settlements (slums).

Talk to us we are listening.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Koch awareness day in Austin Texas

For all the people in America who have been asking on how to support KochFM and the other projects in Koch. Erika in Austin is in the process of setting up an evening where people can have a chat and talk about Koch in the context of the continued reselience.

You can get in touch with Erika Gonzales on P.O.BOX 6237, Austin Texas 78762.

Shiko the managing editor of KochFM will be posting details shortly on other ways of supporting KochFM. Please email shiko on


Monday, November 19, 2007

One Day-film

Richard and Inger-Lill have directed a short film - One Day. It is a clever film, through editing and sound design they have been able to make still photographs talk! It is a very efficient way of making a film.

One Day is the story of Munene 14 year old boy who lives with his family in Korogocho. He was adopted a tender age ..(not to give so much away) you have to see the film to know why we were so excited as we watched the preview here in Perth.

The film should be available for distribution soon. Richard will keep us posted about that.

Well done Richard and Il, and Munene and the family are just awesome.


Koch FM on PBS America

I have recieved alot of emails from people in America who watched KochFM on PBS program NOW. They were all full of praise for the work that we are doing all are eager to partner with us.

We would like to thank Dan Logan the producer of the show, people at PBS and the KochFM crew who made it happen.

I am in the process of curating a Korogocho Memory project that will showcase Koch as told through the media, hopefully it will culminate in a festival at the end of next year. The collection will have newpaper articles, books films, radio and Television programs, videos and photo exhibitions. It will provide an opportunity for us to reflect about what has been said and seen about Koch.

So if anyone has a collection let me know how to get a copy. email



Miss Koch Dinner a hit

More than 200 people attend the annual Miss Koch dinner at the Grand Regency hotel, on the 17th November. The music and the food was superb.Once again we demonstrated that even within Nairobi we have alot of people who stand for the ideals that we stand for, and that they are willing to pay for it. The dinner has moved Miss Koch from solely being a reciever of charity to a provider of services. The dinner showcased some of the very best entertainers from Koch. Well established entertainers were not left out and they gave their all.

We would like to thank all those who came for the event, and a big thanks to the people of Koch for once again stepping into the space and providing the Nairobi scene with something different.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Election Buzz words

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and innovative politicians can get when we have an impending election. There is the obvious distortion of words, the rendering of words to mean something else. It is like suddenly we have a new language. Growing faster than sheng and only the political savyy can understand what is being said.

Every single presidential aspirant is promising development. Forget the fact that none of them are giving specifics. We have been told about devolved governments bringing development to us. Despite the fact that CDF a distant cousin of devolution has created more gaps than it has solved. The incumbent claims that he has delivered the 500,000 job opportunity to the youths! In Koch I am not aware of 100 young people who have got jobs in the last 5 years.

To be able to move foward our country must move from politics of observation, from politics of upmanship and word bandying to critically looking at what the aspirants are saying. We are still leavin at an era where the politicians talk to us, the platform is so skewed that there is no opportunity to have a genuine dialogue with the leaders. They are arriving in big motorcades, on a break neck speed with enough time to chant slogans ready to move to the next stop.

How can we progess politically if all we hear are statements not backed by facts, or by rigorous study. What would happen to the proponents of devolution if after winning they realize that the economy as it is cannot support the structures that are needed to run a devolved government? What happens to the incumbent if they win and still realize that job creation is not a function of the government but is dictated by economic factors some beyond the control of the government?

Or are we looking for the best debator at the expense of the shrewd implementor. From where I stand I feel let down by both the oppossition and the government that has gone head on to polirize the politics. I feel dismayed by the citizen as well for their zeal to be part of the spectacle.

Ofcourse we have made such significant progress and come 27th November we shall determine who we give the mandate.