Thursday, November 23, 2006

The start of something big?

The 25th of June, me, Richard and my fiance Inger-Lill, left Nairobi proudly wearing the KochFM-T-shirt. And I understood that people actually had seen us when I got recognized at the airport by one of the airport personel! That was cool.

A couple of days later, we heard rumors that KochFM would get an Licence for transmitting.

We already had put up the home made antenna, which is connected to the home made transmitter and with this we did a very short test just to see that it worked, and we were actually transmitting. And we were actually transmitting far enough som that Jeffs (one of the crew-members) aunt 3 km away could recieve our signal on her FM-reciever.

From there we had built a sound-proof studio inside one of the containers by using plasterboard and matresses. We put up one of the computers in this studio and the other in the other container, which is serving as a reception and editing-suit.

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