Monday, August 13, 2007

looming elections

As the Nation gears for an election at the end of the year already there is considerable alignment and re-alignment.

At the national level its fascinating to see the divisions at ODM becomming bigger and bigger, and the illusion that ODM is to have one presidential aspirant is becomming as remote as ever.

But one should not underestimate the political genius that our politicians have, they have become adept at juggling their careers that I will not be suprised if in the next few months we see major alliances forming. What Kenyan plotics have proved is that there is no diffrence in ideologies and if your opponent has the numbers then the wisest thing is to join camps and have the winning team. That was the case of the Rainbow colaition atleast from my understanding.

Politics at local level are even more fascinating what with the massive civic education that was conducted in the run-up to 2002 and subsequent ones(govt funded) for that matter, so that we are increasingly having more and more people and particularly young people willing to offer themselves as candidates.

That by itself is progess but I think it's time for a reality check, if the pro-active people in Korogocho have more than 5 young people vying for the councillors seat, what chances do we have collectively? Are we not creating a scenario similar to the 1992/1997 where collectively the opposition won and yet KANU was able to stay in power?

What is needed at the momment is greater clarity, greater strategy where we can have one young person vying and the rest of us offering support. It might appear undemocratic, un progressive but the writting is on the wall, we either have one candidate or the incummmbent walks away smilling with a minority win.

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