Thursday, February 8, 2007

kochfM on air

Hey good people after the long political technical battles finally KochfM is on air thanks to the timley collaboration of IndyMedia.

Its a dream come true and now we must stay focused on winning the people with truth, the level of experience and enthusiasm amongs the team members will ensure that we are on air and we continue to attract an audience and sponsors.

Sponors will play a critical role in keeping the station on air though they will not be allowed to dictate content particulalry in areas where the community will be disadvantaged unfairly.

We are also recieiving 100 lifeline radios from the free play foundation that will be used to form listner groups for specific programmes.

We are still on the look out for more publicity items and merchandise that KochfM can use to maintain visibility while generating an income...

Keep it radical



danielle.chynoweth said...

Congrats Koch FM! Yea! Woo woo! It was great to meet you. I look forward to future collaborations. - Danielle, Urbana Indymedia

Anonymous said...

another website was done for you guys : you don't answer the mails..


Calantha said...

Interesting to know.