Friday, June 22, 2007

Invitation to HongKong

Pendo Theatre a a group of youths from Korogocho has been invited to participate at the International IDEAS conference in HongKong during the month of July 2007.

That is yet another milestone and an indication of the efforts that the people of Korogocho are putting both at the local and at the internationa level.

At the International IDEAS conference 2007 Pendo Theatre has the opportunity to discuss with the participants Participatory Education Theatre that has worked considerably well in Korogocho in exploring and enhancing dialogue amongst community members who would otherwise not engage in mainstream forums.

The strength of Participatory Education Theatre as practiced in Koch draws from past experience by guru's like Agusto Boal who was able to contribute immensly to policy issues in debates in Brazil using communty theatre.

Pendo is on the track and in collaboration and with partnerships with other people from the world the feauture is bright.

Reach for further debate on theatre as a tool for education in informal settllement.


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