Friday, June 22, 2007

KochFm we hold the mirror

For a long time people have considered journalism to be like a mirror that reflects things that are happening, what has not been acknowledged though was that the person holding the mirror influenced the reflection that was seen, and so for a long time the people of Korogocho and indeed people from the informal settlements excluded/minorities have had to bear the burden of watching a reflection from a distorted vantage point.

It's like looking at your face on a mirror only to see the reflection of your foot as good or bizare as that might be there is a sense of misrepresentation, there is a sense of momentary disorientation and bewilderment.

So the opportunity that KochFm brings to us today is tenfold, we will be able to see the whole of who we are, we will be able to highlight and abitrate issues for we will have the means.

The way I see our family, our school, our shops, our roads so different to someone who is visiting for a few days, being residents of Koch we are aware of the seasons we are aware of some of the dynamics within the community and it is that knowledge that we want to use to drive KochFm and indeed the initiatives of the people of Korogocho and other informal settlements.

And so as we journey in the new direction of creating a space for public dialogue we know our goal, we know our desires, we come with a bias, we come with an agenda, an agenda to harness the community efforts, an opportunity to biuld a stronger and vibrant community.

We are united by the universal committement to a just world.


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