Thursday, March 22, 2007

Go Girl

Hi, Shiko,

Great to see you on the snow in Norway, does it sting like the dust in Koch?

Hey you are doing great stuff biulding the reputation of KochfM and the people of Koch and utltimately young people from disadvantaged and mirginalised communities all over the world.

The new world as I see it will be run by people who have traditionally and historically been left out of the decision making, and what we are creating in Korogocho through the radio station and other initiatives is the platform for that to happen.

Am pleased to hear how well you articulate the challenges faced by women in Koch and it tears my heart to pieces to hear how part of men in these civilization have chose to take negative aspects on our culture to dominite and subjugate women. If you look at it keenly you will realise that the said men are not aware of what culture says in terms of confilct and how punitive action should be taken if any...So while we deal with young people we must endevour to learn all the best cultural practices and shun all retrogressive aspects to it.

As a woman you are best placed to articulate the issues of women in Koch and indeed the world, its such passion that has propelled the world foward.

Was looking recently at an exhibition of moments in humanity and the have a pciture of a young girl partly burnt by Napalm bomb in Vietnam running down a road, today the woman is a goodwill ambassodor for peace at the UN, her experience places her at the heighest pedestal to campaign for peace, when Mandela speaks of reconciliation people listen beacuse he spent half his adult years behind the bars: Most people would have been consumed with thoughts of revenge and getting even with their captors, but no he embraced them and stemmed the wave of a backlash that would have tipped South Africa into a civil war-white against blacks or poor versus rich!

So in that long standing tradition I want to say that the whole world is litening and watching you, lead them to action, action to stop the senseless poverty that the peole in the slums have to endure each waking day.

Its the call of the century.



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