Thursday, March 22, 2007

radio donations!

Yes good people, we finally recieved the radio donations from Free Play foundation!

And with the characteristic zeal of the team 20 pieces were distributed immediately to the community-shopkeepers, barbershops and schools to enlsit more listners.

The radios are so cool they do not even use batteries you just wind them and tune in to KochfM. The reminder of the radios will be given out to listners of other programmes, the team is designing games where listners will call in and win the radios.

We want to thank the Free Play Foundation for its generosity and their fighting spirit:the radios were stuck at customs in Mombassa for ages and alot of paperwork, advocacy and determination was the what made the governement release the radio's. Leaves me wondering who sets customs priorities, that makes it easier for the big fish to import their goods while goods destained for communities are neglected.

So thumbs up for the Free Play Foundation for sticking to the game.

The radio's will go along way in strengthening KochfM audince.



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