Thursday, March 8, 2007

Shiko is in Norway!

Shiko landed safely in Norway yesterday after an exhausting trip with hold-up in security at Skiphol due to passport-trouble (ink running from the picture, cause of bad print and moist) - strange thing is, she´s got the norwegian visa, you can´t fake that, but she was hold up for 2 hours and almost missed her flight. But anyway. Yesterday we had a joyful reunion in the hotel-reception and then we went off. I wanted to show her everything at once, so we started with a brief introduction to snow. We went by car 20 minutes away from the Oslo City-centre, up to Holmenkollen, a huge skiing area, with a ski-jump and lots of snow. Where you can see Oslo "from above", if it wasn´t for the fog, though. She got a quick brief in how to make snowballs and how to start making a snowman. Then we went to the Norwegian film studios, where we attended some shooting of the famous norwegian director Bent Hamers latest movie. Then we went to the Norwegian Film postproduction-facility, where I tried my best to explain what I´m working with from hand made sound-effects to the huge mixing-theatre. Shiko also got to say hi to some of my friends there, among them also, Stig Holte, who donated a secondhand Mac G3 Powerbook to KochFM just after christmas. In the evening we had a nice dinner with friends at "Kampen Bistro", where finally Shiko allmost fell asleep at the table, she was so exhausted after a buzy day.

Today Shiko went to a photo-school, in which she has alot of friends, ´cause she and Carol attended a workshop with them in Kenya this autumn.

Tomorrow Shiko will be holding a presentation of KochFM at the NCA-offices in Oslo, in the evening, she will be interviewed at RadiOracle FM99.3 in Oslo (between 4 and 5pm).

Friday me and Inger-Lill will be holding a small get-together for Shikos friends in our apartment in Oslo before she continues her trip around Norway on saturday. She will be traveling a lot and learning a lot to bring back to Koch, hopefully for the empowerment of Korogocho. And we are working hard to get her up on some of the big media-channels...

Shiko could tell me that everything is fine in Koch. KochFM is transmitting everyday and all the radios around is tuned to KochFM-99.9. Also the local citizens drop by in the morning to give hints of todays discussion-topics. They also buy all the different newspapers everyday to keep Korogocho updated on everyday life in the world and the nation of Kenya. Hopefully someone will start blogging from Nairobi soon, but for now, there is no internet connection in Koch. Those who read this and want to help, can contact us at, we need all the help we can get to continue our struggle.

If you´re not speaking norwegian you won´t understand this, but it´s fun to watch anyway:


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