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About KochFM

P.O.BOX 44427 00100
Account: (details will be provided at request)

LOCATION: Korogocho Community Centre (Kamunde Rd) Nairobi.


Project Director
Hellen Wanjiku

Assisant Director
Geoffrey Muriithi

Finance Manager
Martin Ndungu

Caroline Wanjiku

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +254721612736


Blub on Koch FM crew

Hellen Wanjiku
Holds a Diploma in Mass Communication, from Magenta Training Institute (Nairobi). She also holds a certificate in community media and photography. In addition the station manager is endowed with enormous skills in filming of documentaries, video editing, photography, script writing and directing. Further, she has exemplary skills including but not limited to community organizing, management and research skills. Noteworthy, the station manager was part of the team that undertook research on LASDAP in Korogocho that was undertaken jointly by Miss Koch Initiative and Institute of Policy Analysis & Research (IPAR). She has also represented KochFM in international forums.

Geoffery Muriithi
Holds a certificate in Community Organizing and he has worked in several organization focusing on addressing the plight of children, he brings to Koch FM his invaluable experience.

Caroline Wanjiru is a graduate of Magenta Training Institute and holds a Diploma in Mass Communication. She is well rounded with media and people skills.

Martin Ndungu
Is an aspiring accountant and Koch FM provides him with an opportunity to learn how to handle finances while he undertakes to study to become a proffessional accountant.

The management is supported by a team of creative and talented youth who bring life to the radio from the crack of dawn to….

The objectives of Koch FM include:
1. Establishing and enhancing a community-led information process within Korogocho and the environs.
2. Amplify the voices of people who are traditionally marginalized and neglected by the mainstream.
3. Help the citizens in the urban slums to have access to information before, during and post election.
4. Provide a plaform for the community to hear and air their views.

KochFM needs
• Training in radio management and other essential issues on radio.
• Training in editing and programme development.
• Training on leadership and management
• Develop publicity materials on elections citizens’ participation and other thematic issues.
• Hold public forums and civic awareness programmes
• Support for performing artists
• News programmes.
• Artisits providing their performance for broadcasting
• Station sponsors for specific programs

Koch FM has become a powerful tool for educating, entertaining and amplifying the voices of people who were traditionally quite marginalized and neglected. In this respect, the radio creates an opportunity for the citizens to participate more meaningfully in governance issues. No doubt, people's participation in governance will create a conducive environment for better management of the available resources.

Koch FM continues to see participation as an ongoing process beyond voting/elections.

Beyond governance issues KochFM creates an opportunity for the community to engage in dialogue and create deeper understanding of things happening in and out of Korogocho. Koch FM looks keenly at environmental, gender, social and other issues that are of concern to the community

The station also works closely with local performing artists by broadcasting their items and holding outdoor live perfomance.

Koch FM broadcasts at a radius of 2km on the frequency of 99.9. And has a target audience of about 500,000 people in Nairobi Kenya.

Koch FM stands to

Promote and safeguard the Freedom of people's choices for expressing their ideas and views.
Providing access to airplay for underground recording artistes.

Koch FM is the first ghetto radio in Kenya started in the year 2006 by a group of vibrant young men and women from Korogocho. It is situated at the Korogocho Community Centre in Nairobi, Kenya..

Koch FM will partner with other likeminded groups and organizations locally and internationally to continue advocating for the rights of people living in the informal settlements (slums).

Talk to us we are listening.


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