Monday, November 19, 2007

Koch FM on PBS America

I have recieved alot of emails from people in America who watched KochFM on PBS program NOW. They were all full of praise for the work that we are doing all are eager to partner with us.

We would like to thank Dan Logan the producer of the show, people at PBS and the KochFM crew who made it happen.

I am in the process of curating a Korogocho Memory project that will showcase Koch as told through the media, hopefully it will culminate in a festival at the end of next year. The collection will have newpaper articles, books films, radio and Television programs, videos and photo exhibitions. It will provide an opportunity for us to reflect about what has been said and seen about Koch.

So if anyone has a collection let me know how to get a copy. email




Todd said...

The PBS NOW show covering your radio station and community was awesome! Your web site really needs a donate button from paypal or google checkout.

Bob in Alaska said...

Yes - please supply us with a way to donate to your worthy cause!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to support you by (at least) buying a KOCH FM t-shirt mentioned on NOW.
From your website I see no way to do this.

- Paul in Akron, Ohio