Friday, November 2, 2007

Election Buzz words

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and innovative politicians can get when we have an impending election. There is the obvious distortion of words, the rendering of words to mean something else. It is like suddenly we have a new language. Growing faster than sheng and only the political savyy can understand what is being said.

Every single presidential aspirant is promising development. Forget the fact that none of them are giving specifics. We have been told about devolved governments bringing development to us. Despite the fact that CDF a distant cousin of devolution has created more gaps than it has solved. The incumbent claims that he has delivered the 500,000 job opportunity to the youths! In Koch I am not aware of 100 young people who have got jobs in the last 5 years.

To be able to move foward our country must move from politics of observation, from politics of upmanship and word bandying to critically looking at what the aspirants are saying. We are still leavin at an era where the politicians talk to us, the platform is so skewed that there is no opportunity to have a genuine dialogue with the leaders. They are arriving in big motorcades, on a break neck speed with enough time to chant slogans ready to move to the next stop.

How can we progess politically if all we hear are statements not backed by facts, or by rigorous study. What would happen to the proponents of devolution if after winning they realize that the economy as it is cannot support the structures that are needed to run a devolved government? What happens to the incumbent if they win and still realize that job creation is not a function of the government but is dictated by economic factors some beyond the control of the government?

Or are we looking for the best debator at the expense of the shrewd implementor. From where I stand I feel let down by both the oppossition and the government that has gone head on to polirize the politics. I feel dismayed by the citizen as well for their zeal to be part of the spectacle.

Ofcourse we have made such significant progress and come 27th November we shall determine who we give the mandate.



Albert said...

I was inspired by the work that your group is doing at KOCH FM as described by the Public Broadcast System (PBS) television show NOW. How can I support radio programming and your outreach programs?

Mary Sullivan said...

We are inspired by your hard work and would love to buy t-shirts or support in someway. We saw you on PBS NOW.

Carlos and Mary in Austin Texas USA

Anonymous said...

I have searched the internet and not found a place where people in the U.S. can send a donation to help KOCH FM.

Will you please announce a place? Online would be best, but even a post office box for mailing would be helpful.

Rick Bannerman, Seattle Washington