Thursday, March 22, 2007

radio donations!

Yes good people, we finally recieved the radio donations from Free Play foundation!

And with the characteristic zeal of the team 20 pieces were distributed immediately to the community-shopkeepers, barbershops and schools to enlsit more listners.

The radios are so cool they do not even use batteries you just wind them and tune in to KochfM. The reminder of the radios will be given out to listners of other programmes, the team is designing games where listners will call in and win the radios.

We want to thank the Free Play Foundation for its generosity and their fighting spirit:the radios were stuck at customs in Mombassa for ages and alot of paperwork, advocacy and determination was the what made the governement release the radio's. Leaves me wondering who sets customs priorities, that makes it easier for the big fish to import their goods while goods destained for communities are neglected.

So thumbs up for the Free Play Foundation for sticking to the game.

The radio's will go along way in strengthening KochfM audince.



Go Girl

Hi, Shiko,

Great to see you on the snow in Norway, does it sting like the dust in Koch?

Hey you are doing great stuff biulding the reputation of KochfM and the people of Koch and utltimately young people from disadvantaged and mirginalised communities all over the world.

The new world as I see it will be run by people who have traditionally and historically been left out of the decision making, and what we are creating in Korogocho through the radio station and other initiatives is the platform for that to happen.

Am pleased to hear how well you articulate the challenges faced by women in Koch and it tears my heart to pieces to hear how part of men in these civilization have chose to take negative aspects on our culture to dominite and subjugate women. If you look at it keenly you will realise that the said men are not aware of what culture says in terms of confilct and how punitive action should be taken if any...So while we deal with young people we must endevour to learn all the best cultural practices and shun all retrogressive aspects to it.

As a woman you are best placed to articulate the issues of women in Koch and indeed the world, its such passion that has propelled the world foward.

Was looking recently at an exhibition of moments in humanity and the have a pciture of a young girl partly burnt by Napalm bomb in Vietnam running down a road, today the woman is a goodwill ambassodor for peace at the UN, her experience places her at the heighest pedestal to campaign for peace, when Mandela speaks of reconciliation people listen beacuse he spent half his adult years behind the bars: Most people would have been consumed with thoughts of revenge and getting even with their captors, but no he embraced them and stemmed the wave of a backlash that would have tipped South Africa into a civil war-white against blacks or poor versus rich!

So in that long standing tradition I want to say that the whole world is litening and watching you, lead them to action, action to stop the senseless poverty that the peole in the slums have to endure each waking day.

Its the call of the century.



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two more interviews

Shiko has been all over Norway, and everybody wants a piece of her. As she was passing trough Trondheim last week she was interviewed by a local radio-station named Radio Adressa. Here you can hear this interview. (It´s introduced in Norwegian, but the rest is in English):

She also visited the Norwegian Broadcast Corporations radio-studios in Trondheim, where she was interviewed in a program called "Osenbanden". Osenbanden has interviewed me (Richard) half a year ago, and when Shiko was on her way, they were eager to interview her as well. The guys at Osenbanden are really supportive to our project and therefore curious to meet Shiko. Here it is as well:

Monday, March 12, 2007

Shiko and host at RadiOracle

This is a picture inside the studio at radiOracle. Jathusiga Raja is the host, in the background you can see the engineer trough the window too.

Shiko at RadiOracle pix

From the left it´s Audhild, Mona and Shiko at RadiOrakel in the attic of the Blitz youth-house in Oslo. We are hoping to send Mona and Audhild to do some workshop-training in Koch. These guys are really experienced when it comes to radio and training. They have been working in many African countries. Mona works as a teacher at Sogn mediaschool in Oslo and Audhild works as a soundengineer at Sun Studios in Oslo, dubbing Cartoons.

Radiostation donates audio-maximizer

Shiko is a guest at a radiostation (I didn´t get the name) and the station wanted to donate a audio-maximizer to KochFM. This is a machne that maximizes the sound out of our mixer so that the transmitter gets as hot signal as possible. We hope we will get some technical personel to install it as soon as she comes with it. Am in Norway, so it´s a bit far...

Shiko interviewed at radiOracle in Oslo March 8th 2007

Finally I managed to stream the interview with Shiko from womens day at radiOracle in Oslo.

Shiko in the snow

I was trying to put this out the right way, but it wouldn+t work, so I had to put it out the wrong way around. I guess you like it anyway. This is a picture of Shiko and her travelling-mate, Mohammoud. When I took them to the snow in Oslo their first day in Norway.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Shiko is in Norway!

Shiko landed safely in Norway yesterday after an exhausting trip with hold-up in security at Skiphol due to passport-trouble (ink running from the picture, cause of bad print and moist) - strange thing is, she´s got the norwegian visa, you can´t fake that, but she was hold up for 2 hours and almost missed her flight. But anyway. Yesterday we had a joyful reunion in the hotel-reception and then we went off. I wanted to show her everything at once, so we started with a brief introduction to snow. We went by car 20 minutes away from the Oslo City-centre, up to Holmenkollen, a huge skiing area, with a ski-jump and lots of snow. Where you can see Oslo "from above", if it wasn´t for the fog, though. She got a quick brief in how to make snowballs and how to start making a snowman. Then we went to the Norwegian film studios, where we attended some shooting of the famous norwegian director Bent Hamers latest movie. Then we went to the Norwegian Film postproduction-facility, where I tried my best to explain what I´m working with from hand made sound-effects to the huge mixing-theatre. Shiko also got to say hi to some of my friends there, among them also, Stig Holte, who donated a secondhand Mac G3 Powerbook to KochFM just after christmas. In the evening we had a nice dinner with friends at "Kampen Bistro", where finally Shiko allmost fell asleep at the table, she was so exhausted after a buzy day.

Today Shiko went to a photo-school, in which she has alot of friends, ´cause she and Carol attended a workshop with them in Kenya this autumn.

Tomorrow Shiko will be holding a presentation of KochFM at the NCA-offices in Oslo, in the evening, she will be interviewed at RadiOracle FM99.3 in Oslo (between 4 and 5pm).

Friday me and Inger-Lill will be holding a small get-together for Shikos friends in our apartment in Oslo before she continues her trip around Norway on saturday. She will be traveling a lot and learning a lot to bring back to Koch, hopefully for the empowerment of Korogocho. And we are working hard to get her up on some of the big media-channels...

Shiko could tell me that everything is fine in Koch. KochFM is transmitting everyday and all the radios around is tuned to KochFM-99.9. Also the local citizens drop by in the morning to give hints of todays discussion-topics. They also buy all the different newspapers everyday to keep Korogocho updated on everyday life in the world and the nation of Kenya. Hopefully someone will start blogging from Nairobi soon, but for now, there is no internet connection in Koch. Those who read this and want to help, can contact us at, we need all the help we can get to continue our struggle.

If you´re not speaking norwegian you won´t understand this, but it´s fun to watch anyway: