Sunday, January 6, 2008

Days of fear

This is Richard, one of the founders of KochFM, writing from Oslo, Norway.
It´s not with a peaceful mind I´m writing this entry.

This is now:

Chaos, disorder, torture, rape, molester and violent mass-persecution is a reality in the neighborhood of KochFM.

The picture is taken in Koch the 31st of Dec 2007
(Picture taken from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, interviewing Toto, Jan. 4th 2008)

KochFM reaches out to approximately 250 000 people everyday. Reading todays newspapers for those who can´t read, playing songs by local artists and talking live on air about issues concerning the local environment.

KochFM is an incredible story made true by a group of young purposeful people that want to see changes.

KochFM is 2 export containers, some simple audio equipment, a computer and a home made transmitter, everything aired through an antenna made out of 6 meters of waterpipe and 5 weldingsticks.

KochFM is taking the side of the weak in difficult situations and is making everydaylife in the Korogocho slum a bit easier by giving the voiceless a voice.

KochFM is now a much bigger issue than being just a local radio-station in a slum in Nairobi.

KochFM is a proof that if you really believe in something, and maintain that aim, you´ll reach there.

The things happening in Kenya right now makes KochFM even more important!

Keep the fire burning!

The struggle continues!

(Check out the feature PBS did on KochFM this autumn:

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