Friday, January 4, 2008

Message of solidarity

Hi Friends from Koch FM Radio Station,

Since we met during the World Social Forum in your contry we have been
thinking in ways to connect the Favela Radio in Belo Horizonte Brazil and
Koch FM in Kenya. This exchange of information can be dificult because of
the language but isn`t impossible.
We can`t even imagine what you are going thru in this moment and realize how
bad this is for Kenya, Africa and the World.
We have been talking alot in Brazil about your work and we are very glad to
met you during our visit and established this communication.

But we really want to show to the brazillian people what is happening in
Kenya according with your point of view.

We are in talk with the Favela Radio in Brazil to translate and publish the
news available in the KochFM Blog site. Would be very interesting if you
could send images and short videos that give to the public more about what
is going on in Kenya.

And to finish we wanted to request a message for the world and also for the
participants of the World Social Forum 2007 in Kenya. What are the most
important and relevant questions for you this moment?

Best Regards,
Everton Rodrigues and Pedro Jatoba

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