Thursday, January 3, 2008

KochFM still on Air

KochFM is still on air despite the tensions that is running high within Koch, Nairobi and Kenya at large. Shiko and the crew are working under extreme circumstances to keep the radio running. For the past few days KochFM has been playing only music; the government banned live broadcasting by independent media houses shortly after Kibaki was sworn in as the new president.

Once again I would like to salute the youth of Koch who have shunned violence as evidenced by the relative stable state of things in the area; though calm has not returned we believe that residents will explore non violent ways of making/ airing their greviances. At the same time we call upon the police to restrain themeselves when dealing with the protesters (reasonable force) since their presence seems to intensify the tension.

Peace and justice will shine in our motherland.


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magdalena said...

It is at times like this that KOCH FM shows how valuable local control of the airwaves is. Stay Strong and stay on the air. Peace and Justice will shine thru!!