Friday, January 4, 2008

Most important question today

Thanks for the Solidarity,

We are being tested once more as our ability to resolve conflict is
put on the line. The recent violence in Kenya is regrettable and
KochFM joins the other peace loving people who have condemened the
acts of violence and lawlessness that has since caused the loss of
more than 300 people in the last week.

The biggest question ofcourse is what is the cost of democracy? What
can we demand of a people who have lost faith in the constitutional
means that have been enshrined in the constitution;those taking to the
streets are obvioulsy showing that they do not believe that the Kenyan
judiciary has the capacity to address the alleged election fraud. Thus in their anger they are letting it known that they are disatisfied by the conduct of the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

The second most important question is how bad should things get before the
oppossition adopts another approach of protest? While demonstrations have been widely seen as legitimate means of airing grieviances once they turn violent the purpose is lost and everyone stands to loose. Demonstration and
street prescence of the people is creating the opportunity for tension
and intensification of violence as we have witnessed. The mobs once on
the street assume their own might and not even the opposition leader
or the police will pacify them. So it is my observation that parherps
the way to continue putting pressure onto the government should avoid
any direct action that will bring people onto the streets. Am reminded
of Mahtma Gandthi of India who faced with a similar circumstance took
to fasting to bring about a change of heart. Mybe our people in
Koch/Kenya should approach the situation like that by staying indoors
and thereby effecting pressure of the powers that be.

The last question is how do we heal the wounds of post election
violence? How do we move foward as a community where we have both
victims and perpetrators of violence? Have we not created underlying
tension that will be eating us inside as we walk past a vandalized
shop, or a burnt church, a broken house window. Have not sowed the spirit of division, mistrust and suspicion amongst ourselves, so that when we look over our sholders we will be fearfull of each other?How long will it take
to bury and grieve the victims of post election violence. Who will
take care of their families? who will explain to the children why
their dady never returned from work? or their mumy did not return from
the shop or thier little brother or sister will not play outside the house any

These are question that seek answers and I believe that time will give
us the ability to heal and move foward to build a vibrant nation based
on the goodwill that we have established over time.

As you observe language will be a challange for us between Koch and
Brazil yet we must find a way to let the world know that still in
Kenya despite the animosity that has been witnessed there are pillars
of hope. That the gains made since the World Social Forum last year will continue to be consoldated. We have witnessed families that have gone out of their way to assist people who
would have otherwise been killed by the enraged mobs.

Because of the ban on live broadcasting KochFM has stopped actively
producing programs and is now playing music full time. But the entire crew is actively listening to what is happening in the community and promoting peace through word of mouth.

You can easily follow what is happening through

Also feel free to reproduce what is on the blog for your audiences. We will always be in solidarity.




ranieh said...

I just want to say that i support your efforts to make Kenya a peaceful place to live. And i'm shure that if you just keep on you will succed!

Greetings from Norway.

J. Arnesen said...

I believe ranieh, like myself, discovered your blog and project for peace through the article posted on the website of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. What you are doing is an act of greatness, and I admire you very much for showing this kind of goodwill and courage. Best of luck!

Jens, Norway.

Sverre said...

Hi, keep up the good work and don't loose faith in what you are doing!

Wish everything will be OK someday.

Sverre, Norway

Ann said...

What you do for your people makes us proud,hope that your family is fine and that you will find them soon. Keep up the good work!Kenya nchi nzuri:)

Ann, Norway